Our sportive custom made blousons are our newest addition to the P Johnson outerwear range.​ They're a lighter, sportier version of the traditional bomber jacket, with clean lines and a sleek, minimal design - don't think Trabant, they're more of a Daytona convertible. These are perfect for weekend drives, casual Fridays or a spot of bocce.  

These blousons are particularly great in micro suede, silk blends, lyocell, cashmere blends and linens. We have endless fabric and button options to choose from, and can adjust the length of the body and sleeves for a correct fit. 

These jackets would smarten up a pair of jeans effortlessly, and dress elegantly with a pleated woollen trouser, or with our sports trousers and a woven belt.

P Johnson blousons

A note on Lyocell: 
We've been​ loving our newly developed Lyocell, and these blousons are a perfect application for this slinky fabric. Woven in Japan, our Lyocell is an eco-friendly semi-synthetic made from Eucalyptus. With the hand-feel of silk, it adds a sensuous and luxurious drape to outerwear pieces. 

A note on micro suede: 
Our synthetic suede is a perfect alternative to genuine suede, it's easy to care for and available in a beautiful range of soft natural colours. It's a perfect replacement for animal suede traditionally used in blousons. It has an incredibly soft handle, is light and breathable and its peachy surface means you get the same pliable finish as suede.